sugodikyala... because life is a thrill flying away, it's all a balance above the madness ... . It will never be an ordinary day ..

During our quest for great photography around the world which reveals Perfection, Beauty and Mother Nature, Quest compass Stumbled upon Sugodikyala, A Talented Photographer from Southern Italy who has soft spot for Nature Photography.

sugodikyala: Heaven is under our feet, as well as on our heads.

Puglia in the heel of Italy’s famous “boot”, offers a slow pace, stunning beaches, great food, authentic villages, and wonderful year-round sunny weather.

sugodikyala “You have to be smart to come to Ibla, a certain quality of soul, the taste for the silent and ardent tuffs, the blind alleys, the unnecessary turns, the blinds sealed on a black look that spies.”
sugodikyala: If you want to build a boat, do not gather men to cut wood, divide the tasks and give orders, but teach them the nostalgia for the vast and infinite sea.

Part of the charm of Puglia, southern Italy’s rising star, is its slow approach to everyday life. Centuries old farm land are hemmed by a superb sun-bleached sandy coast and travellers looking for a little more authenticity, are spurning Tuscany’s frenetic vibe for the peaceful nature of this region.

So what does this beautiful region have to offer?

Meet Sugodikyala as he takes us around Puglia with his Camera.

sugodikyala: Naples is not a city, it is a world.
sugodikyala: Even if I paint an apple, there is Sicily.
(Renato Guttuso)
sugodikyala: To you who dream of a star and a sailing ship
that will take you to islands from the truest sky.
sugodikyala: Rotoballiamo?


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