Basically, Ika Land mainly comprises of two local government areas, Ika North East and Ika South local government areas, both were created in 1991 from a single Ika Local Government Area, in Delta State.

Geographically, Ika South and Ika North East local government areas, occupy a land area of 117.45 square kilometers, with a total population of about 240,000 people according to the 2006 Census.

Often times, visitors who come into Ika land for the first time always look forward to visiting again because the Ika people of Delta state are seen to be peaceful and accommodating.

A lot of times some series of questions may pop up from your head during your stay in Ika land as a result of Observations and experiences, the truth of the matter is that you are not the only one that is observing it, other visitors still ask the same questions and within a short period of their stay, they certainly get answers to their questions.

As a visitor, these questions run through your mind probably because you don’t experience such from where you are coming from hence it’s totally new to you.

However, if you are planning to visit Ika land for the first time or you once visited when you were still a suckling child, there’s no need to ask yourself these five (5) questions any longer because the answers you need is all spelled out here.

For the long period I had resided in Ika land, I often laugh out loud when I hear People visiting Ika Land for the first time ask me some of these five (5) questions:



This question can even make a child who can barely talk laugh out loud. How can you even think about that?… well as funny as that sounds, I believe that’s what first comes into the mind of anyone that first steps his/her foot in Ika land. The Honest answer to this question is that the mode of public transport in this part of Delta State is Motorcycle Popularly called “OKADA”. Because it’s economically made available, the average Ika Family can afford to have one. On most occasions, you’ll find some Homes owning up to 3 motorbikes for different purposes, basically because it eases movements from one place to place.

So when next you see a lady Riding Motor bike in Ika land, don’t think twice.


For fun loving visitors, You might want to ask:


This question shouldn’t even border you. Come to think of this, Can you be thirsty where you have an enormous source of water? If I should answer that for you I’ld say YES You’ll become full well enough that you won’t feel the need to be Thirsty again.

Sincerely, a visitor coming into Ika land during the day would think it’s all dry out here because it appears that everyone is busy everywhere with a lot of commercial activities going on.

Because the people of Ika are known to be industrious and business conscious (they don’t joke with their business) during the day, its all work and no play but during the night as from 6:00 pm its all fun and no work.

Getting a place to hang out as a male won’t be much of a problem because a lot of Joints “where the boys know how to cool off” are scattered all over the Town with some special Local delicacies been served.

You know the other three (3) questions: Let’s talk about it in the comment box below.

I have been able to share a little observation to you, I know in one way or the other you have asked some questions and you might not have gotten the right answers to the questions throughout your stay in Ika land. Ensure to use the comment box below to share your observations if you have visited Ika land before or if you still reside in Ika land.




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