All around Ika Land there are stories that need to be told, some of which are in shadows. We can’t fully tell these stories if we don’t look closely and try to understand the History behind them.

In the midst of the new Ika lie the fragments of history

At every period in the development and during the metamorphosing stage of any area especially big towns/cities that were once small towns, there exist major centers of Attraction, these centers are seen to be the hottest during their time.

Let us take a walk with Quest Compass as we look at the stories behind the History of some Pioneer structures and sites in Ika land. These sites and structures were selected because of the role they played during their time of existence in Ika Land such as being the catalyst for social development and bringing importance to the region.


Mikado Cinema/Fim House: The first ever cinema house in Ika Land
Photo Credit: Quest Compass

yes… That’s the Once thriving and busy cinema house now In Shadows. Established in the 70’s, Mikado cinema and film house was also a catalyst for development and gave importance to Ika land. Basically, the kinds of movies shown then were mainly Bollywood.

Tales have it that because of the location it was in Ika land, at the time it was in use during Film sections Mermaids are seen on the Projector. could this be as a result of the kinds of the film shown then? It pretty looks like 70% of the entire building is buried deep down the ground due to Agents of weather like flooding. So you can see that Mikado Cinema/Film House the first in Ika Land is now in Shadows.


Let’s take a walk up-hill To:


Come to think of this, having a Cinema house down the Hill from where this old Hotel is located ( up-Hill), I think the Government at that time saw the need of establishing a hotel to ensure that visitors who come into Ika land get a place to rest their Head before going down the Hill to have fun.

Bendel Hotel was a very busy hotel in the 60’s, it was also for the elites. judging from the way it looks when observed closely, one would know the kind of material it was made off because to a large extent the Old Hotel building now In Shadows is still Standing Strong.



The bank of River Orogodo. Look how Shallow it has become, a once deep River that was a trading Route for big Boats

It’s so interesting to know that this already deserted River was once a major Trading Route. Tales have it that Trading activities around Ika land and environs were made possible because Transportation wasn’t much of a problem during the 50’s a big thanks to River Orogodo.

The pictures below tell us much about what it has become Today.

So little has been done in restoring these once busy centers of attraction and catalyst of development back to its former self. It could even be a tool for tourism development in Ika land if harnessed.  The big question! who will save it for the generations yet unborn?









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