Basically, I wouldn’t have known about some of the hottest relaxation spots you’re about to discover if I haven’t understood the people of Ika quite well.

You might have been wondering “what’s so special about Ika land” that fun lovers and pleasure seekers always want to come to spend some time. Well, that shouldn’t be much of a problem to you because although you have your doubts, those that have had some experience already know what you don’t know; so leave your doubt out of it because you are about to discover why those pleasure seekers visit Ika land mostly on Weekends.

Yes! What I meant by “ People of Ika” you asked? The people of Ika comprised of both old and young as it is seen everywhere else. And like the saying goes “all fingers are not equal” it goes further to explain the economic as well as the social class of the individuals. So the Ika people are hardworking and industrious; engaging in various forms of business. Hence, some of the hottest relaxation spots serve the different categories of People.

For the visitors coming into Ika land, these Relaxation spots are your best shot because they are budget friendly, but the challenge you’ll be faced with is the problem of choice.

However, in choosing a relaxation spot to cool off after a long week, I believe you’d know what exactly it is you want. Could it be the nature of the environment it’s situated or the kind of delicacies served? To some people, it’s mainly about the Social status and class of the people who visit the same Relaxation spot.  You’ll see how these spot provide answers to all your many questions.

Let’s go further to uncover some of the hottest relaxation spots to visit you don’t know Exists hot in Ika land.



If you stay in Ika land I know you’re probably aware about this relaxation spot, and you could probably be asking the question now about how it’s among the hottest. Just as the name sounds, this center offers both Car washing services as well as Bar.

Photo by Quest Compass: Executive Car Wash And Spots

Because it’s located in a serene environment far away from the city noise, residents who seek a place to cool off a little farther from a busy environment can choose this spots amongst others. A lot of social activities, as well as shows, are organized here as well.

The serene environment where the relaxation spot is situated. During weekends this place is always packed full

This relaxation spot also serves the need of local indigenes because of the proximity to some other localities under Ika northeast. You’d likely get different brands of beer and soft drinks here accompanied by a barbeque and fried meat. In case you didn’t have enough time to eat before coming, you can order for ‘Quick’ Indomie here within a short while it will be ready.



Milky car wash and bar: Reflecting nature filled with enjoyment and leisure

Looking for a spot which reflects the natural environment to cool off after a long week of hustle and bustle, Milky car wash and bar could probably be the best shot. What’s most likely to go through the minds of every visitor who visits this bar for the first time is the fact that it looks too natural. It is also a budget-friendly location for anyone seeking a natural and classic place to hang out after a long week of work and hustle.

Some of the delicacies offered here include Nkworbi (hey! Don’t think about it yet… lol), Fish pepper soup, Goat meat, Barbeque, Fried meat, Goat head; locally called ‘Isi ewu’. These mouth-watering delicacies are accompanied with different brands of Beer, spirits, wine as well as soft drinks.

Because of the delicacies available to pleasure lovers as well as the natural environment, the class of individuals that often come around will let you know that it’s not a place you’d want to joke with.



Far away from the conventional “car wash and bar” system is a bar styled in class. A Place where the gentle men and ladies hang out. For a visitor who is clothed with Class visiting Ika land for the first time, you can ask anybody around to take you to Vintage bar. It also offers accommodations for lodging.

Delicacies you would likely get here during the period of cooling off includes but not limited to Nkworbi, Barbeque.

Vintage bar also Hosts birthday bash for anybody who wishes to celebrate their birthday in style and class.

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