Speaking about Night life in Ika land you definitely will not be disappointed; it’s very lively, sometimes even crazy. A pleasant atmosphere, lots of good bars and few night clubs and perhaps you’ll see lot of beautiful ladies in those bars (but be careful so you don’t go home with broken heads) -Everything you ever wanted.

Night Life: what the night looks like… Photo credit: Quest compass

On the weekends, all around Ika Town is one big party; you just must fumble and enjoy it. There are various relaxation spots, food joints, commercial activities along the roads which invites locals and foreigners to the Town.

Bread Seller: Nightlife

As we’ve mentioned earlier in our previous Posts about Ika land, Ika Town is quite a growing town, so, you will be able to visit two or three of even more bars each night.

This is how the locals like to party, because sometimes pleasure seekers don’t spend much

Take a close look at those chairs under the big tree in form of a canopy. It serves as a shield against the scorching sun.

time in pleasure location especially when they want some special delicacies and so they move to other bars offering such. See some of the hottest relaxation spots in Ika land

Hey! i guess you know what that is? well for visitors who ain’t Nigerian.. this is Suya. made from grilled beef. You’ll get it along the roads at every busy junction in Ika Town. It spices up Nightlife here

Forget about long drives around the town, everything is so close and public transport system around the town is not much of a problem as you can get a bike to take you around

without stress and the fare is pretty cheap.


Ika Town Nightlife Horror Stories

Basically there are different stories relating to violence at night being told about different towns, we all know that it’s not always safe during the night compared to broad day light. The most important thing you must understand is that you must be careful in any city you go to.

Ika Town is definitely not more dangerous than other Town in Nigeria;

it’s night life is even relatively safe when compared to other towns in Delta State.

Of course, you must be aware of your surroundings –don’t walk drunk at night in dark neighborhoods and places that looks suspicious, don’t go to bars with strange people and be polite, as a visitor, there are cases of visitors getting drugged at bars and then robbed. So, you should always watch your drinks and for your own safety ensure you don’t take drinks from strangers. On a final note, don’t behave with locals.

If you are looking for problems, then of course that you can find them in Ika Town, just like everywhere else.

However, Ika Town has been a multicultural Town because of the history. Because of this, Visitors feel at home.

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