So I guess as a visitor, outside the subsistent and commercial Agricultural activities in the suburbs, as conveyed in media outlet and social media you might want to have firsthand experience with the busy lifestyle of the Ika People. Well, you could take a walk or drive down here; to have a smooth experience you could beg for a seat from one of those Friendly store owners who will gladly offer you a spare seat seeing that you’re a visitor. This city view will make you have a great idea about the whole commercial systems operational in the town.

Everyone is going about their Businesses.

Basically, the Ika speaking people are found in two local government areas in southern Nigeria (Ika North East and Ika South respectively), geographically they are partly close to each other.

The Thin Line Separating the Two Local Government Areas (The Old Lagos/Asaba Express Road). See for yourself what I meant by the area being Busy. That’s a little accident scene (a big Vehicle and a Tricycle) I guess the road was densely populated. Photo Credit: Quest Compass

“It’s not so easy to differentiate these two local government areas as a First timer unless you’re shown the thin line differentiating them”.

Motorbikes otherwise called “Okada” (The Means of Public Transport)

On getting to the Metropolis, otherwise called Boji-Boji  (hey… don’t pronounce that if you’re not familiar with the local Language, or if you’re close to an Ika man, so you are not stoned…Lol) you are likely going to be introduced first to the sound of Motorbikes otherwise known as Okada ( The major medium for public transport in the area) as the sound of Bees around a honeycomb, then  as you go further, you’ll be welcomed as a guest by the sound of the residents speaking the local language.

At this point, don’t feel lost because you don’t speak or understand the local languages because the people of Ika are enlightened. They communicate in good English as well as Vernacular.

While trying to explore the Town to uncover interesting locations a potential visitor can see, I was amazed at the social interactions going on in this busy area and the fact that it could absorb the people of the two major local government areas making up Ika Land.

Traffic Warder Controlling the Traffic

As a result of the high influx of people to this trade area for business on daily bases, big buildings for the business complex are built around; store owners consider there a hot spot.

Basically, on getting to a new Town either for a visit or simply passing through it, there’s always an aura of newness or a fresh feeling emanating from within, as a result of the fact that you are in a different environment quite different from where you are coming from.


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