Food can be expressive, especially during festive periods. Here are 5 innovative ways to prepare Nigerian dishes this holiday. These are the Nigerian dishes you know and love, only made in a different, more colorful way.

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Pounded yam and okro soup

There’s nothing more authentic than having a traditional Nigerian meal, with no additional coloring, look exactly like the Nigerian flag.

  Beans and Plantain

 Arranging your plantain Nigerian flag style, on a plate of beans, or even rice can turn an ordinary-looking meal into a meal of kings.

Colored rice

If you feel like it, try a non-toxic, totally edible coloring in your food, to give it that authentic flag look.

Jollof rice and chicken

Jollof rice is a staple food in the Nigerian diet. Why not delight your household with a Nigerian-flag-shaped plate of rice and some grilled chicken


Making green-and-white colored cake is one of the simplest ways to express your love for Nigeria through edibles. You could make small sized cupcakes to share with your guests or a large cake with green-and-white colored fondant icing.