Seasoned Photographers within Delta and across Nigeria displayed creativity with their lenses in the just concluded Nigeria Independence celebration.

They say photography is an art; just like other skills it can be learned but what is about to reveal to you will make you have a second thought about what has been said before. To these selected Photographers, Photography is more than an art “can I say its Hereditary or a calling” They portrayed Country Nigeria without Words in ways that one can have a complete perception about the beautiful Country.

Unlike other African countries, the People of Nigeria are happy people. Even with Her multi-ethnic and Cultural diversity, the Nigerian blood continues to bind Her People together. To a true Nigerian, National Celebration is celebrated as though it’s Personal celebration.

As a Visitor visiting Nigeria, you’ll notice that during National celebrations like the Just Concluded Nigeria Independence Celebration, Families, Organizations within the Country Organize Parties with Friends and Families at various locations like Relaxation spots, bars, even in Homes. Favorite eateries and Cinemas are also packed full. Event centers are not left out as in every nook and crannies in Nigeria where there are Event Centers one or two events take Place.

However, in the past, a lot of Poets and Music stars made attempts in describing Nigeria in their writings and Songs in very creative ways. Without going around the Country, with what has been established by these Icons, one can have a clear Picture of Nigeria’s Culture, People, and Lifestyle etc.

Basically, this is an era where Pictures speak more than words.

On this note, I guess you would like to meet these Photographers in Person (No need to worry about that because seeing their Photo Piece means you’ve met them).

Here are the Photos conveying some messages from the Just Concluded Nigeria Independence:




The beed-like material worn around the neck is made from straw. What a country made up of people from different cultural background irrespective of Religious belief coming together to form one Nation.

The lady could still uphold her beauty… Even in the face of crises, Economic Malnutrition, Political imbalance, Educational deterioration, environmental degradation, and unemployment. The country Nigeria still upholds her beauty such as Her Multi-ethnic and Cultural diversity and Her abundance Natural Resources.
From the greatest to the least, Prayer fills the heart of Every Nigerian. The People of Nigeria Hopes for a better Nigeria




The True Nigerian Upholding Her Honor and Glory
Nigeria a country blessed with Natural Resources, Agriculture the pride of the Nation. A closed eye towards the Free gift and a Focus on Oil.
Now a Shift of Focus to the once Neglected Resources. Agriculture now becoming the bedrock of Her Pride.



Restoring Her Image: while the image of Nigeria is being trampled upon Internationally, She’s also being Upheld by True Nigerians in Diaspora.
We can now be proud to call Nigeria Our Home

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