Cruising is one mode of traveling that can take you to a whole next level of entertainment and adventure. Experiencing a perfect cruise is actually the best option if you are looking forward to a break or vacation from your busy and stressful work routines and want a new adventurous trip with your friends and family. Now there are two ways through which you can book a cruise, one is by contacting a travel agent or book your cruise online. All the information and precautionary measure are always mentioned on the websites of cruises.

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Basically, Technology has taken over the world now and with the development and progress of technology, businesses, employment, and jobs are now not only confined to shops and buildings but now the internet is also being used as a mode of earning money. Same is the case with flight tickets, hotel rooms, movie tickets etc. Now they can be booked online too via credit or debit card but here, the most important question to note is if this booking technique is a good option when it comes to the booking of cruises? On this note, we should look at the Pros and Cons of online cruise bookings

  • Pros Of Booking A Cruise Online

The best advantage of online booking is that you can do a lot of research on different cruises and check for the most suitable one for yourself. You can purchase the cruise at whatever time you think is convenient. All the cruises have their own websites and they have all the details including that of the cabin, their food timings, facilities, and physical activities so when you are booking your cruise online then you can compare the facilities provided by the cruises and their fare too. Ultimately all these things can make you decide what’s best for you.

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Do you want to spend hours searching for the very best prices available? Great! That’s a good way to save money. Just don’t expect a travel agent will have the time — or patience — to do the same.

  • Cons Of Booking A Cruise Online

Online booking can be bit of a problem for those who are traveling on a cruise for the first time. The booking procedure of a cruise is quite complicated as you have to book the cabin, dining times and routes online and if you have no experience of being on board then it can be tough for you to decide what you want.

Travel agents will consider details that wouldn’t occur to you

The other issue in online booking is that you have to make all the research on your own, though you are independent and are not bound by a travel agent for anything yet you won’t be getting any alerts for final payment due dates or you won’t be reminded of the necessary things that you require on the trip because you are responsible for everything on board.

When you work with a travel agent, you can get the best deals without having to scour the web for them yourself

It is highly recommended to contact a travel agent for cruise bookings if you are traveling for the first time because there are so many elements that you are not aware of and that can be problematic for you. However, those who already have a few experiences of being on board then you can surely go for online booking as it is easy and more convenient!

Do’s And Don’ts For A Better Cruise Experience

There are also some dos and don’ts that you must know and you should avoid some things that can upset or ruin your cruise experience.

This will give you some guides about what things should not be done on a cruise trip and how to make the best out of your journey.

  • Choose The Cruise Carefully!

The first thing that you need to focus on is the decision of your cruise or cabin, try to get almost all the details of the cruise and know what kind of facilities they provide and which ones are not available. Try to pick up the best suitable cruise for yourself and do research on it so that your journey can be full of fun as per your choice.

  • Avoid Taking Unnecessary Items!

Always make a list of the things that you require on your tour a week before. Exclude the unnecessary items as they can cause a heavy luggage which will be difficult to handle and it is but a fact that the more stuff you have, the more careful you have to be about its protection. So, always take necessary items only!

  • Avoid Spending Unnecessary Money!

When you are on board then you must always be careful about your money and where you spend it. Avoid your unnecessary expenditures as the cruise trip is already very costly so you should spend it on those activities and facilities that you think can be an add-on to your cruise experience.

It’s also important that you take care of Your Possessions properly while on a cruise.

 Quick Tips on How To Keep Your Possessions Safe On A Cruise

Now while you are on a cruise journey, it is necessary for you to be tension free to enjoy your voyage and the only worry you probably can have on a cruise trip is the safety and protection of your possessions otherwise every other facility is available on almost all the cruises.

So, if you are also among those people who want to go on stress- free cruising and enjoy your journey to the fullest, Then here are the measures that you can take to secure your possessions


  • Don’t take valuable and unnecessary goods

The possessions that you are carrying on the cruise must not be extremely valuable and unnecessary at the same time. Just take those with you that are required on the journey, especially a large figure of cash is not secured anywhere either you or on a cruise or any other trip.

  • Use the Safe provided to you

Always put the cash or laptop and such valuables in the safe that has been provided in your room. Don’t just put your valuables on the bed and go out of your room instead lock them up and then leave

  • Be aware of the pickpocketers

Avoid being distracted while you are roaming around in the cruise and especially men who carry their wallets with them must be aware and always put the wallet in your front jeans pocket instead of the back ones.

  • Keep the door to your balcony locked

The other most important safety measure is to keep your balcony door locked when you are not around with your valuables in your room as that can cause theft, and anyone can enter into your room via the balcony especially during the night hours.

  • Safety during alcohol consumption

Alcohol can cause you to lose your senses if you’ve had it too much so if you have planned to get drunk then do not take any expensive material or huge cash with you as anyone can take benefit of you at that time.