Well, the idea of relocating to Lagos had already been conceived in my heart before now,as it’s not my first visit. While still overwhelmed with the thought of immersing myself in the busy Lagos Lifestyle, that was me packing my bags and luggage heading straight to the park. While to some people, Leaving in Lagos is like a dream, to others it’s an avenue to improve their social life. Of course, you’ll understand quite well what it means to travel on a low budget especially to destinations within Nigeria. Basically, not every Traveler have the means to afford Plane tickets. For the Few that can afford Tickets, they’ll still need to make use of the Public Transport systems; because getting direct flights from your point of origin to your destination in some parts of Nigeria sometimes could be impossible; Especially when some local airports doesn’t function Properly.

Relocating To Lagos: The Park Experience

And so I headed straight to a popular Lagos park in Delta State ( Yes From Delta State I mean). Basically, The Route from Ika Land to Lagos is as Straight as going from Your Bedroom to the Kitchen ( especially when you are so so hungry and you certainly would get the food prepared before you eat…lol ). Yes! I was so much hungry In getting some levels of exposure, so I cared less about the stress I was going to Pass through to embark on the journey that Looked like it wasn’t going to End.

So i was sitting on the chair like that for Hours… Relocating to Lagos

While still at the Lagos Park, it dawned on me that I was finally relocating to Lagos; the thought of my Family ran through my mind while waiting for the Bus to get full. So I picked up my Phone and dialed some numbers because I didn’t want to get weighed down with the fact that I’ve been Sitting in a bus that’s not yet full and wont till about 1 hour.

Finally, we got moving at about 9:30am; just like every other Journey embarked upon by road, this wasn’t different. There was just some Little side attractions like some Cows being hit down by a Lorry while crossing the road along Auchi (People where like “see two big meat for ground oo”). It got me thinking about the Festive season we’re approaching, were there’ll be a lot of Cows slaughtered. Funny enough, the Nigerian road isn’t as smooth as the airways but you’ll still get to your destination peacefully. However, a journey that ought to be four hours (4 hours) lasted for six hours (6 hours).

The Ever busy Ikeja Road

On arrival, I noticed that Lagos still look the same; the Danfo’s are still the same, the Street view is still quite interesting, Nightlife has improved quite alright. Nothing much has changed except that a lot of business Offering quality services have sprung up.

Among the businesses spotted is Diamondalders (Click to View Profile on Instagram).

The ever busy and Popular Ikorodu Road

Located in Ogudu GRA, in Lagos is Diamondalders which is an Wholesale/Retail Store, they deal on all Things Trendy! From  the Hair to the Toe. They are involved in Nation and Worldwide Delivery or Pick Up. You can either give them a Call or reach them through WhatsApp on +2348033944710. Indeed, Lagos is still a very busy and a beautiful place hence, relocating to Lagos is the smartest move.

Join me in subsequent Reviews and Post as Quest Compass unveils Lagos State in its entirety ( as in the Hottest spot any one can hang out such as Bars, clubs, Luxury Hotels as well as Budget Friendly ones,the People, businesses around e.t.c. But from the Perspective of a Traveler who is keen on exploring Lagos State. These reviews will give you an insight into the lifestyle of the Destination and also an idea of what Lagos has to Offer anyone as well as the Businesses around you’ll have great value for your Money and Time.

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