Could this be why you’ve been dreaming or fantasizing about Traveling to Lagos? Well, maybe you’ve heard about this Travel Destination from the social media or from your friends and family that have been there before now. So all you’ve been thinking about is just to come to see for yourself what Lagos is all about. However, you shouldn’t feel all alone because there are over One Thousand and One (1001) Folks like you who are thinking the same way. Just like You, Prior to when I came into Lagos, I had over One Thousand and One (1001) questions I needed answers to. Luckily for me, I began to see the answers immediately I came into Lagos. Whether you have been in Lagos all your life, or you are planning to come in, This post will give you an insight about what Lagos is All about.

So Let the Journey begin… Before then, “go grab a cup of chilled Juice” as Quest compass reveals to you Lagos in Pictures.

You can’t miss these keke marwas zig-zagging the streets of Lagos. Named after a colonel who became a governor of Lagos during the military era, they are as tough as they come. Notice the dents and scratches they proudly wear as badges of honor next to their more contemporary and sophisticated peers.


“The hustle is real”. What do you see when you look at this? Someone sleeping rough, or an exhausted entrepreneur…? I took this shot of a street vendor taking a well-deserved break by Adjose Adeogun Street (Zenith roundabout), Victoria Island, Lagos. She had probably been up since 03:00 traveling into the city and preparing her wares ready to serve hungry commuters fried Kosai/Akara* (fried bean cakes), and yam chips. (Kosai are the “Hausa”, and “Yoruba” names respectively )

Lagos/Marina Street Scene. Once again I was trying to step out of my comfort zone and shoot at night/low light. I took these photos of a group of gentleman sat outside a taxi park.

“Lagos/Ikoyi Street scenes”. I’m fascinated by how people carry loads on their heads and all whilst walking with such speed and agility! More will follow! I tried it much to the hilarity of the street traders! These street traders can carry really heavy loads on their heads. In Lagos, you’ll see ladies carrying buckets of “Agbo” bottles on their heads. Agbo is a root and herbal drink I believe, with medicinal purposes. You’ll also find some ladies carrying a load of dried fish and Agege bread for sale. I can’t really describe Agege bread other than it is a heavy sweet tasting bread. If you visit Nigeria, you have to taste it! It’s like a heavier, more doughy brioche. I hope you’re enjoying the Nigeria photos. I’m just trying to show the real country; the lives of everyday people going about their everyday business, not media outlets want you to believe

I took this rather cheeky shot of passengers in a vehicle stuck in the infamously hellish traffic of Lagos. Lagos is known for Heavy Traffic especially during Fridays.

“The Yellow of Lagos”. The infamous Keke NEPAP (pronounced “kay-kay”) of Lagos. This is one of the most common forms of transport in the megapolis. Cheap, plentiful and omnipresent! Yes, some of the drivers can be “suicidal” in their driving, but may perform an invaluable service. A Keke ride is a must if you visit Lagos

“Danfo”. This should have been the first post of the series! Nevertheless, I still managed to get a moving shot of the ubiquitous yellow/orange Danfo bus! Yes, I have a really early shot. Danfo’s are all over Lagos and are a major means of transport for the majority of Lagosians. Cheap, plentiful and omnipresent they are integral to keeping the megalopolis known as Lagos moving! Recently there have been moved to get rid of them. I for one say NO!! They are to Lagos what the red double-decker bus is to London, or the yellow taxi is to New York City. Aside from that they provide a means of employment for many people, be they the drivers, or the conductors; not to mention the commuter mayhem it would cause if they were to go. The “Danfo” is Lagos! If you are familiar with the famous “Naija Beat” singer Wizkid and his song “Ojuelegba” you’ll see a Danfo with the conductor calling out “Ojuelegba” (destination) at the start!

A view of the “floating city” as you come from the airport to the islands (Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekki etc). The houses here are built on the water – they sit on stilts. They are a hive of activity and I’d like to go there sometime to get some great shots of life in a part of Lagos not many people will see or want to see.

“Heavy Traffic”. I captured this shot of two MOPOL* (Mobile Police) Police officers cutting through rush hour traffic on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. Notice the 7.62 slung across the rear police officer’s lap. It’s a cropped version of a wider shot which I will post to get with others later. Notice the ubiquitous yellow “Danfo” bus in the background! Motorcycles and Okada (motorcycle taxis) are really the only way to weave through Lagos traffic quickly! If you thought rush hour traffic in London was bad, Lagos will finish you

“Street food – roasted corn ”. I saw these micro business owners selling their roasted corn close to Tafawa Balewa Square In Victoria Island. Roasted corn is a common street food throughout Nigeria and is delicious. There is a process to it; it’s not just a matter of tossing them onto the grill! These are some of the armies of women who keep the Nigerian economy moving. Women entrepreneurs make up the majority of those employed in Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). These MSMEs account for approximately 48.5% of Nigeria’s GDP. 50% of Micro businesses are female-owned

Happy People”. I was Taking some shots by Tafawa Balewa Square In Victoria Island when I was approached by an inquisitive young lady, who was working at her stall. She wondered what was going on and during our chat, she ended up being one of the subjects! She was really happy to have her picture taken. This young lady is one of the many women who keep the Nigerian economy moving. Women entrepreneurs make up the majority of those employed in Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). These MSMEs account for approximately 48.5% of Nigeria’s GDP. 50% of Micro businesses are female owned.

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