It is so sad to note that the Crises rocking major political Parties in the country is beginning to spread its tentacles to the newly formed African Democratic Congress (ADC) most especially, Lagos chapter. We gathered from a reliable source, the going is currently going through undemocratic process (whereby national chairman is alleged to have inaugurated new excos) as alleged by the Party faithful. Elected Excos that went through the Congress (these persons had just begun their Tenure) were being replaced. Presently, this development has led to ADC Crises.

According to Our Source, the Problem started when the Chairman traveled 2 weeks ago for a medical checkup in The United States Of America. Prior to his Travelling, He was with the state Executive working committee in the meeting, during the matters arising, the secretary ( Mr. Ladipo) resigned stating that he has a bigger Post in ANP as the National Chairman.

Immediately, Chief Daramola Called the National Chairman and Told him that Mr Ladipo has resigned, and they have replaced him with another person from the constituency in the Person of Lady Yemisi. Following that, Colonel Ibrahim (who had a personal grievance with the national chairman, wanted at all cause to take over the position of the Chairman) and Other groups of illegal Criminals Put themselves together.

The Chairman Travelled on a Monday (2 weeks ago) Next thing that happened was that on Tuesday morning Colonel Ibrahim and other illegal people stormed the Secretariat saying that they want to overthrow. With the claim that the Deputy Chairman is not competent enough to Run the Party (ADC) because it belongs to them Claiming to be the Only competent Person. According to our source, the National Chairman Also has interest but unfortunately, He happened to be somebody that Preach Democracy. Because ADC is for democracy.

Unfortunately, the National Chairman never constituted any meeting to talk with the Old Excos, but right there in the meeting, the Lagos state chairman put a call across the National Chairman. The National chairman asked him if there are other people into Anti-Party. His response was Negative. He asked if the Legal Adviser was guilty. Right there, the Legal Adviser said she was 100% an ADC member; stating that she had always encouraged ADC to continue with Legal Democratic Process.

All that they are asking for is a fair hearing; suggesting that the National chairman should make himself available for fair hearing. The Legal Adviser went Further to Explain the Issues facing the Party; Stating that the Executives did not go through due process in dissolving the house. By applying the kangaroo method conniving with Colonel Ibrahim (Rtd) in trying to dissolve the state Exco. Unfortunately, up till this time, letters haven’t been sent as to that effect; rumours were heard that some new excos want to be inaugurated.

The Lagos Chapter of the Party According to our Source is parading themselves with wrong and illegal excos. What got them worried is the fact that the National chairman is accepting this new development in contrast to what he told the Old members when they newly joined the Party.

ADC which is been seen as the third force to wrestle power from ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) or which is been seen as an alternative to the APC and PDP is made up of Different Parties coming together agreeing to change the party of the day. But currently not what the members where told are Happening. All they want now is for the National chairman and all other Illegal people he has put together to go back to the drawing board to make a proper democratic Process by following squarely the ADC constitution to be able to bring to an end the ADC Crises.

Suggesting that he should invite those that have wronged, talk to them and give them a fair hearing. Not bringing in Thugs and handing over the party to criminals.

Questions that need to be answered by the National Chairman:

Did he check those he sold forms to In Abuja?

How Authentic are these People and what is the interest of those he is trying to bring to take over?

Does he want to Kill ADC in Lagos before ADC Begins?


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