Gathered at the Oriental Hotel on the 11th of November 2018 to witness the launch of Tokunbo Fasoro’s book Titled ‘The Persistent Woman’ weren’t just everybody, they were either ready to Impact or waiting to be impacted. The Event kicked off at about 4:00 pm and the benediction was said at about 8:25 pm. Between these Time Frame, knowledge and Inspiration flowed from the speakers who have attained desired success and fulfilment Through Persistence and Focus.

The book launch with the theme “Empowering The Future & Overcoming Rejection, which was also tagged The GiveBack Conference revealed a compelling story of resilience by the married mother of two children.

The memoir of the entrepreneur, human resource consultant, writer (See Working Your Way Into Career Success), and inspirational speaker chronicles her 20-year painful struggle to get an education in order to avoid societal rejection.

According to the Author who is also extremely passionate about Human Capital Development, no situation should stop anyone from achieving their dreams. The speakers explained the situations that surrounded them and pointed out how although they almost gave up but later found the light at the end of the Tunnel.

Tokunbo says;

 “The book speaks about how I broke through limitations by persistence, resilience, hard work and grit into becoming successful in my personal and professional life. The Book concludes each chapter with lesson(s) that relates to personal life and career.

“My journey chronicled in this book inspires readers that no matter how bad the situation around you may be, it shows you practical ways to remain focused in the midst of the struggles; reinforcing that you can be all that you aspire to be and live to your fullest potential!,” she added.

A Little Review On Oriental Hotel

At the end of the Conference, I decided to take a little walk around The Hotel to really understand this great masterpiece of Architecture. Basically, as a Travel writer keen on exploring exotic Locations I won’t see such masterpiece and don’t say a thing. You would barely know it’s already dark outside as it’s very spacious inside and the light inside is as bright as the sun. I could hear a young man thinking out loud by asking me “where’s the Ac coming from?” You should trust me with my answers “From Your Mind” lol…

The Oriental Hotel is one of the Largest Hotels in Lagos. It is located at NO 3, Lekki-Epe Express Way, Lagos and Boasts of Several Facilities including:

  • Sixty-Four 60-300 square meter sized guest rooms including 9 large suites.
  • A Chinese Restaurant
  • A very attractive front lobby
  • Grand Ballroom
  • Restaurant, bars and Meeting rooms.

Each of the rooms is exquisitely furnished with several features to guarantee the comfort of guests.