Oh no not today again someone shouted!  But as real as it sounds within the space of 20 days the newly constructed Owa-Ekei Road in Ika North East witnessed 2 Auto-accidents. While the first occurred some hours into 2019 with a Victim who lost his life at the spot, the Recent one occurred about 7:00 pm on Sunday the 20th day of January 2019.

On the first day of the month of January 2019 at about 12:58 am, while a lot of Christian faithful were still in the cross over service at various churches, and those that know how to Party at different Bars and clubs, The lifeless body of a young unmarried man was lying on the floor along Owa-ekei road Just Opposite the Owa Model Primary School. Although, the cause of the Accident wasn’t known. It was believed that the victim carrying some passengers hit a vehicle stationed on the road. There was no scratch on the motorbike.

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What got people really worried was the fact that the Victim’s Mobile phone was stolen probably while he was struggling for life. The Thief left the Battery of the phone on him.


As it began to rain on Sunday evening the 20th day of January, no one thought it would rain so heavily. Although, the cloud was so dark. When the rain ceased, a few hours later I heard some shouts along the road but I didn’t go see what happened. Later, while on the road to go for some street views and also experience nightlife around some selected areas, I couldn’t believe what had happened because everywhere was not so dark since the street lights installed by the Smart Governor Okowa were all working.

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The Accident that occurred along the Owa-Ekei road although it wasn’t Fatal, it was Catastrophic. As explained by the Pedestrians that witnessed the Accident, The Accident was caused by the Driver in a Black Toyota Venza because he followed the Wrong Lane while trying to Play smart by avoiding the Long distant U-Turn. It was observed that the Airbag of the Toyota Venza that has more damages was intact, while the less expensive one with little impact had the whole Airbag come out.  Although, the Accident didn’t claim any lives. As at the Time Quest Compass got to the Accident scene, the Victims had been taken to the Hospital.

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