It’s quite obvious that Boji-Boji metropolis which is comprised of the two local government areas in Ika land is experiencing rapid development in the aspect of infrastructures. In the suburbs, as well as the busy commercial areas, you would see a lot of on-going and already completed building projects both for private and commercial purposes.  Judging from this, anyone can predict the potential impact this rapid development could have on Boji-Boji metropolis.

A New Shopping Complex built on the busy Trading Area

One Common problem associated with development as experienced in already developed cities anywhere is Population expansion. People just keep coming into a developing city because of the perceived opportunities that go along with development. As new residential buildings are erected, people leave their old buildings either because it doesn’t meet their current standard any longer or it lacks some features. There’s just that strong desire to relocate to a more sophisticated apartment.

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One other problem experienced in developing cities as a result of population expansion as seen in Boji-Boji metropolis is that facilities become inadequate to serve the growing population. In the pictures, you’ll discover that while there is a lot of banking institution in Boji-Boji metropolis serving the Population,

the number of ATM users waiting to make use of the machines for cash transactions is endless.

These developments have also led to the establishment of new businesses all around the metropolis. Just as the town is expanding on daily basis and areas are opening up, business owners are making use of the opportunity to relocate their businesses to these areas to enable potential customers/clients easily patronize them.

One type of business venture that has emerged owing to the fact that the town is becoming developed and suburbs exposed common to the younger population particularly Females is the establishment of Make-up artist studios as well as Event planning centers. Click here to advertise your business with us. 

Before now, these businesses were ventured in the metropolis by few individuals who were mainly bridal make-up artists, Soon it became a business that every young lady desires to start up.