No one would believe that with the way Boji-Boji metropolis in Ika Land is expanding Population wise and experiencing rapid development it will gradually turn to a place not suitable to live in.

This observation came as a result of recent events occurring across the growing town. Although, to every other person living in the metropolis this occurrence could mean nothing. Analyzing such factors that have led to this as a Travel and events blogger currently living within the metropolis, these events could make potential visitors, as well as individuals who stay outside the metropolis, care less about visiting the town either for leisure or Holiday.

In the previous post, I highlighted some alien issues affecting Boji-Boji metropolis negatively which has become a major concern. One of which as discussed is the challenge faced in various banking institution’s ATM terminal spread across the Metropolis.

It has been observed that no fewer than 20 customers are always seen clustering round various ATM points waiting to withdraw money. Although this Problem could be linked to the network, all fingers are pointed towards the bank management for inadequate arrangements to avert these situations.

Although, sometimes it gets better while it gets worse at other times. Well, today I got lucky! It happened that I arrived at the ATM Stand a little bit late to meet such a long queue waiting to do some transaction at one of the bank premises that has two major sections with four (4) terminals at each of the section. I was almost getting prepared to spend a whole day till the machines get loaded. Suddenly the security personnel at the gate secretly told us to come and try out the machines inside that had been abandoned… Phewwww a sigh of relieve came over me. I quickly pulled myself out from the queue I had met, I made sure I was the first person to use the only working ATM Terminal.

The other challenge being experienced by people in the metropolis is the problem they face getting public transport popularly called “Okada” (which appears to be the cheapest and only mode of public transport in the metropolis) from one place to another. At times, getting Okada that’ll take you to your destination is not the issue but haven stood under the scorching sun for a long time, only to discover that the price you’ll be charged is higher than the original Transport fare because there are no uniform price so Public transport operators within the metropolis exploit passengers.

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