Ever wondered why Highlight Bar and Lounge is overrated in Ika land, amidst other lively bars and relaxation spots.  Located along the old Lagos Asaba Road just opposite one of the Pioneer Hotels in Ika Land “De-Gent Motel” lies the Only Bar in Boji-Boji Metropolis with a big roof terrace and an inside sky Restaurant that attracts very trendy and Mature crowd.

The Rooftop Terrace waiting to be filled up

In a bid to explore the Hot Spots in Ika Land where People who want to get a glance of the City while sipping on refreshing beer could be, Quest Compass visited this Magnificent Bar and lounge, and you would not be disappointed with our discoveries as to why Highlight Bar and Lounge is Overrated among Other Bars.

On arriving at Highlight Bar and Lounge at the cool of the day, we were welcomed by a young man “Mr. Osas” who calmly greeted us and we got to know that he is the Manager. This gave us the first impression that we entered a friendly environment.


Although the food served in the restaurant is very good, the most fascinating thing about this rooftop bar is the atmosphere. Trendy people gather here to create a perfect party and lounge vibe.

A perfect place to both begin and end your evening. The live band also contributes to making the feeling as good as possible, which appeals both to the Old as well as young individuals.

The most unique feature this bar has is seen in its design. Just a few steps below this roof terrace is the Club section. What’s interesting about Highlight Bar and Lounge is the fact that the designer had young individuals in mind before crafting such a masterpiece.

Well, it appears that not everybody likes the idea of Live stage Performance,  hence the idea of locating a clubhouse right next to the roof terrace is perfect, especially for the young folks who just want to party. In other words, Highlight Bar and Lounge Suites everyone.

The view from here goes hand in hand with everything else, which means Top notch. Grand views over the street lights in Boji-Boji metropolis during the nights. You’ll get great pictures of the town from here.

Conclusively, if you want to unwind with a glass in your hand among trendy people, Highlight bar and Lounge is the place to visit in Boji-Boji metropolis.

The view might not be too great but the good food served in the restaurant and the lovely vibe is more than enough to come here. And the fact that this is the only true rooftop bar in the Town also makes it worth a visit.

I guess you’ll want to drop a comment below to suggest to us what you think about Highlight Bar and Lounge.

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