While people are sometimes confused about where the Ika speaking tribe is found in Nigeria, a lot of persons are also confused about its origin owing to the fact that the Ika Language is slightly different from Igbo.

Some native People in some Parts of Africa… Not the case with the Ika people though. They are well cultured Picture source: Pixabay

A lot of questions have been asked about the origin of this Unique tribe, while some schools of thought believe it shares the same cultural heritage with the Igbo speaking People, others believe the Ika speaking tribe originates and share the same cultural values with Benin speaking people.

Well, none of the above assumptions is wrong because they all make sense in every possible way. Well, it is important to note that a good number of the Ika speaking people still haven’t gotten to know about their origin. Although this could also be the result of the fact that subjects about the origin of one’s tribe aren’t included in the school’s curriculum, hence, knowledge of one’s cultural heritage is non-existent.

Tribal Marks

Interestingly, it’s funny to know about some distinctive attribute foreigners’ use in distinguishing the Ika people.Africa, African, Head, Male, Man, Person unlike other tribes in Nigeria where you’ll easily identify someone with some certain marks in some part of the body, you won’t Spot an Ika Man Abroad or generally the Ika speaking people by such marks. The most common way people who have heard about ika land use to make a jest of the indigenes is the local cuisine (Bush meat and Palm wine).

Personally, I’ve encountered people on hearing that I’m an Ika man, say“Oh!! the eletu (bush rabbit) and Palm wine people”.

When I hear such, I just laugh my balls out.

Over the years, a good number of scholars have written a lot of articles as to the origin of the unique Ika speaking tribe. Although, none of the scholars have been able to highlight the Ways to Spot an Ika Man Abroad which will be explained in this article.

Before we go about highlighting the other ways not to Spot an Ika Man Abroad, let’s take a little peep into some Agricultural activities Peculiar to the Ika speaking People of Delta State in Nigeria.

Some Agricultural Activities – Palm Plantation

The major source of food in any society is Agriculture. While some people practice subsistent agriculture, others practice commercial Agriculture. It will interest you to know that in Ika land, you’ll find a mix of both forms of agriculture practiced by individual farmers.

Owing to the growth of agriculture in Nigeria, and a more focus in this sector of the economy by the government to enhance food security, individuals who before now go into agriculture to produce food for their families have delved into full-scale farming. They own a large piece of lands where a variety of crops is grown.

All over Ika Land, there exists large scale farming of Oil Palm amongst the other crops grown. Individuals own plantations which they grow palm trees which could accommodate some number of palm heads ranging from 100 to 2,000 and more. These palm trees reach a certain stage of maturity before being harvested.

Below are the processes involved in starting a Palm Plantation anywhere around the world as told by a Palm plantation Consultant in Ika Land.

How To Start Your Oil Palm Plantation

  • Get your seeds and make them germinate or you could buy already germinated seeds from a trusted Agricultural Institution. Make sure that the variety is Hybrid Tenera
  • Nurse it for about 12 months or above with adequate care.
  • Brush/Clear the land where you want to plant and make sure that there are no weeds to compete with the young Palms.
  • Make your Marking/Pegging. Use your desired meters uniformly, preferably 9meters on a roll.
  • Dig the soil at the marked point and mix the organic fertilizers with urea or NPK with some amount of the already dug out soil and fill the hole a little then proceed to place your palm seedlings and fill rigidly with soil.
  • Protect your young palms with metal cups or nets against animals that feed on the young palm.
  • Apply fertilizers to your young palm to enable them to grow well and produce well. Note. Fertilizers can be applied twice (2 times) a year.
  • Clear round your young palms about 1.5 meters around 3 times in a year before fully clearing or applying herbicides.

Application of Fertilizers On Your Palms

Young palms need enough nutrients to grow and produce well; these nutrients can be gotten from the soil. However, adding fertilizers improves and increases the number of nutrients in the soil. You’ll also need to apply fertilizers on the matured palms too.

I guess you found this article Informative and interesting. Before our next series on this topic, you can use the comment box below to suggest other ways not to Spot and Ika Man Abroad.

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