Travel is one of life’s greatest joys. And truth be told, anyone can see the world with just a satchel and a smile.

But technology has caught up with travel and now designs packs specifically for travelers. They offer the space and convenience of traditional backpacks but with features that help you stay light, mobile and focus on the joys of the travel trail.

So let’s take a look at some of the main features of a travel backpack.

The most universal and convenient feature of travel backpacks is that it opens from the top or sides like a suitcase.

Traditional packs close with a drawstring at the top. So if you need something out of your bag – or better yet stumble upon a hidden stream and what to go for a quick swim – traditional packs force you to dig through your bag to either take everything out or disrupting your carefully orchestrated packing system just to get at that buried bathing suit. With a travel backpack, you just unzip the bag, open it like a suitcase and quickly grab what you need.

Another convenient feature of many travel backpacks is a detachable day bag.

Most backpack travel trips involve arriving in a new place, finding a hostel and exploring for a few days. Obviously, you don’t want to lug you full pack around. A detachable day pack allows you to lock up your main pack, unclip the day pack and explore with a smaller bag. It also serves as a carry-on when flying. And when it’s time to go, you just reattached it into one sleek compact unit. Obviously, any old bag can serve as a day bag, but attachable day bags that are integrated into the overall design of your pack keep things compact and easy to manage.


Well, I discovered a Backpack recently. Every day there are over 400.000 pickpockets around the world. Don’t worry about it thanks to the Tactical Backpack X9™ and X10™ antitheft! Manufactured of high-quality polyester with shining details for your own safety in the darkness.  Furthermore,  there are many hidden pockets on the handles for your most important belongings. Inside, there is a  15,6″ padded laptop case plus a 10″ tablet case.


Under every weather conditions, the Tactical Backpacks are made to protect your stuff. No fear of rain, snow or even Beverage and food. Keep your stuff dry and clean.


The Tactical rear zipper system makes it impossible for any thief to open the Backpack while wearing it. Close the zip under the straps and it’s locked.

The anti-cutting material derived from military ensures maximum safety even in crowded areas such as the subway.


We know how important is to always be connected.  Thanks to the integrated USB port in the backpack, you will always connect your smartphone or notebook with your power bank* inside the backpack.


Take a look at all the thing you can carry with your tactical backpack! Imagine your work trip:
notebook, iPad, smartphone, shaver, electric toothbrush, a spare shirt, diary, pens, (smart)watch,  iPod, wallet, drinks, etc…
Everything perfectly organized with the greatest safety! A space for every useful gadget in your daily life.


Beside Having Reduced And Compatible Measures With The Requirements Of All Air Lines, TACTICAL X9™ and X10™ BACKPACKS Can Comfortably Be Rested Under The Air Seat, So That You Can Be Transported As  Hand Baggage Together With The Trolley