The story of The Friendly Ika Couple isn’t just about the music, the foods, the love, the merriment that dominated the atmosphere. It was also more like a fashion show as guests and families thrilled the occasion in style and class through the help of fashion designers who have got a great reputation in utilizing their creative abilities.

Marriage, as people believe not to be just between the lovers but also a family affair, as it’s a time when the families get to know themselves by way of uniting. This belief is peculiar to Africans. Well, it’s not only in Africa the two families get to know themselves during events like this, but it is also practiced all over the world.

Just like every other tribe in Nigeria, the marriage rites of the Ika speaking people of Delta State is quite unique with features similar to the Igbos, Edos and Yoruba respectively.

Well, for the sake of time, I won’t be going over the marriage rites to give a full account, but You’ll see for yourself how adorable The Friendly Ika Couple joined together in Holy matrimony on the 13TH day of the month of April 2019 upheld the rich Ika culture, and how both families have united in love. You’ll also discover some Fashion trends with which the guests and families blazed the occasion as well as the creative artists behind them.

I guess you would also want to know about the carton of beer side of the story in the course of the payment of dowry… Continue to read let’s get hooked up.

However, the story behind this particular marriage between this two friends who turned lovers and now partners who will share the same destiny won’t be easy to understand if you don’t have a close relationship with the couple.

Well, just like any other marriages in Africa where there’ll have to be a lot of processes before the bride is taken by the groom, this wasn’t quite different, it’s a part of Africa’s tradition to go through these process.

Traditional marriages in Nigeria on all occasions show the diversity and richness of the Nigerian culture and style. Colorfully planned, this event is often accompanied by beautiful attires, dishes that are mouthwatering, blaring music and sophisticated accessories. Well, the most intriguing part of this is the fact that aside the bride price, planning and executing this ceremony can be time-consuming, expensive but fun.

Events Planners involved as well as Beauty Artists and Fashion Designers:

Fashion Designers

(Grand Imprint) Location: Agbor

The time-consuming ceremony involves several rites that are considered very crucial to the sacredness of the union.

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