No story that has been told relating to the difficulties experienced by low-income earners Surviving in Lagos on a budget is unrealistic. It is certainly true that lagos is quite expensive to live in, but a lot of Lagos residents won’t agree with this assumption because of the fact that you can get whatever you need for survival anywhere depending on your income level, as there are areas where high-income earners live as well as areas where low-income earners live.

It’s quite obvious that a lot of people fear to come to Lagos to settle down because of this impression they have about surviving in Lagos

Only to realize later on that Surviving in Lagos on a budget is so possible.

To other people, they are not ready to have nightmares associated with Traffic in the course of moving from one place to another yet, it could be because they’ve heard from their friends or relatives who have been there for so long that Lagos traffic is Hell…lol, so because of this, they don’t bother to come over to Lagos. But the reality is that the people who have been in Lagos for a long time already understand how to go about their daily activities and still don’t get cut up all the time in long hours of traffic.

If you don’t have your personal vehicle to convey you from one place to another without using public transports system, you shouldn’t bother about that too much because there are enough buses and tricycle ( Marwa) to carry you to any location within Lagos at a comfortable fare.

It will interest you to know that while there are people living in Lagos whose income is sufficient enough to afford them a luxurious lifestyle, there are other people who try to put up “fake” lives! Not fake per se,  but they try to live above what they earn. That’s the first enemy to living in Lagos on a budget.

Lagos like every other big city is not the place where you’ll come in and start to spend on every item that interests you without having a proper budget. Yes, there are things you can get on low prices in Lagos because there are lots of people selling similar products, so, you could be tempted to buy lots of items because they appear to be cheap only to realize later that you are almost running out of cash.

As at the time of writing this post, someone informed me about how he was Surviving in Lagos on a budget for close to a year. This 28 years old young man who had a little job where he earns less than N50, 000 monthly explained that sometimes, instead of eating out, he decides to prepare a pot of soup that will last him for 3 days with just N1, 200 which is the same amount that could be used to eat in a restaurant within a day.

To mention but a few, you could get lost in thought when you think about the amount you would pay for renting accommodations in Lagos. This happens to be the scariest part to understand in the whole puzzle of Surviving in Lagos on a budget.

This is the factor that first comes into the mind of anybody before coming to Lagos, the thought of “how will I get accommodation that my income can afford”. Well, this question has been answered already; all you need do is to understand your income level then decide where to stay. Deciding on where you’ll stay also depends on factors like proximity to work. If you work on the mainland, residing on the islands would really turn out to be a genuine reason why you’ll be going to work late every day and trust me, your employer won’t find your story interesting, and it’s not one of the smartest moves to make Surviving in Lagos on a budget.

Comment below; let’s hear your opinion and suggestions about Surviving in Lagos on a budget below.

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