So i had to visit Crunches Agbor Officially as a Travel blogger would. I have been here personally a couple of times, but this is the first time Quest Compass Media is Doing A review based on our Own Personal experience. Well, the Staff didn't know i would come up with this piece.

On seasons when there are celebrations I guess you will wonder if there’s an ongoing carnival organized by Teenagers at the branch of Crunches Agbor. Well, that’s what I would also think if I entered the town for the first time. Why would someone decide to Hangout elsewhere when you have a place that’s so comfortable, attractive, cozy like Crunches Agbor; where you’ll be welcomed with a smile right from the door by security personnel who are well cultured?

Allow Quest Compass Media to wet Your Appetite as we reveal to you Crunches Agbor in words.

The inviting aroma that emanates from the kitchen where the tasty menu is prepared, the well-arranged pastries as well as the well-garnished food displayed on the show glass where the orders are made, the exquisite feelings that you’ve entered a place where your mind will be at rest while eating out all culminate to give you the perfect crunches Agbor experience.

On weekdays, the case is not always the same as it appears during weekends and on festive periods Where you would hardly get someplace to sit. Just like in tertiary institutions where you’ll have to hustle for seats during lectures because you won’t have a place to sit if you come late.

I had actually decided to hang out elsewhere before the thought of Crunches came to my mind, but while there, I later realized that I made the right choice.  Well, eating out in other places wouldn’t have been a bad choice too because they all served a similar purpose, and certain people would prefer or choose to hang out elsewhere but at that time, it just wasn’t what I wanted. Yes! to some other people, they wouldn’t want to eat out in places that are too prestigious “who wouldn’t want that”?

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You don’t need to go inside the building before you’ll know what they are about. merely looking at the inviting graphics on the walls could satisfy your appetite. Lol

What you’ll discover first on your  visit to Crunches Agbor is the aesthetic view of the environment then on getting inside, You’ll notice the pocket friendly prices of their foods, fair enough to even the low-income earners who just want a place to chill out,  “ I guess the administrators put this into consideration first before they commenced operation”.

Located along the Old Lagos-Asaba Road, Far away from the City’s Noise.

Their staff are always smiling when they get orders from customers (well I don’t know, maybe it’s because I have an attractive face…lol) this is a great turn on and I believe anyone that has got this experience would want to stop by next time for a cup of ice cream.

I will talk much about the foods available for customers in my next review.

What are your thoughts about Crunches Agbor? Use the comment box below let’s hear what you have to say.

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