Popular Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo in tears as she shares a very touching story of her life to fans. The actress and producer opened up on what her marriage was like and what it took her to raise her children amidst hate and poverty.

The mother of two shared a video on her Instagram page were she was weeping as she told the story of her life. She revealed she only found out her husband didn’t love her on her wedding night when he told her he only married her because she was pregnant for him. This was when she was pregnant with her first child; Festus Oladunjoye Ojo.

She revealed the pain and suffering she had to go through having these children without the love from the man she married. Her second child, a girl came when things were even worse for herself and her husband who she believed were trying to make the marriage work at the time. Iyabo Ojo in tears revealed she had only one hundred and fifty naira when her daughter was due to be born. Her husband was also dead broke and she had no choice but to have her baby in the room of a local nurse where she almost died due to loss of blood.

The 41 year old TV star ended up leaving the marriage. According to her, the tears were tears of joy and gratitude for what God has done for her and her children and how she is now able to take care of other children that are not even hers. The video was made to encourage mothers and to celebrate them also. See the video below.