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How is this Events Planning entrepreneur in Boji-Boji Agbor making Events memorable? The budget-friendly planning processes involved makes people wonder whether she is Mother Christmas.

Event planners are the real event organizers that help businesses and people in the strategic planning of the event. Whether it is a corporate event or wedding party, they take complete responsibility for planning and successfully organizing the events. They apply their broad range of skills and market knowledge to make the event a true matter of inspiration.

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Event Planners handle even the most delicate and minute details for its successful completion with its core objective. They have a team of highly skilled professionals that offer the best services, ideas, and guidance as per the budget.

Uche’s Events Couture Reveals more!

Event planning might be an interesting work to do but it requires hard work, determination, and responsibility. There are some rules that should be followed to make your event planning successful. Whenever you plan or arrange any event the first thing you should keep in mind that there are certain limits for every kind of event. You might tend to get more color and glamour into a wedding reception or a cruise party but if you plan a business meeting in the same pattern, you would make a disaster. In the same way, a child’s birthday party does not require a musical band or a DJ. So there are some specific lines for every kind of event which you must follow.


Always consider the category of the event before planning further. Usually, business meetings are arranged in the day time so if you are given the task to arrange a business meeting or any official event keep the day time in mind and plan accordingly and in the same way if you are planning for a birthday party for a child, the time should be early evening. For dance parties and cocktail dinners, you need to make arrangements at evening till the function lasts. So there is a requirement to be specified about time for any sort of event planning.


Like the time the venue is also specified for different sort of events. For example, if you are arranging a wedding reception, you need to keep this point in mind that people from every age group are going to attend the party so the place should be comfortable for everyone. All the guests can easily arrive at the venue on time.

The flower centerpieces play an important decorative part in a wedding event. Choosing the right set of flowers will give an elegant look to the wedding hall. There are certain things you have to consider while deciding on the flowers for the wedding centerpieces. However, you don’t want to make it as thick as a forest so that, it doesn’t hinder guests from seeing what is happening.


Again about choosing the food the theme and type of the event should be considered. You can not serve fast food or casual food in official meetings as it would spoil the decorum of the event. You need to know what sort of event is being arranged and how many guests are coming to attend so you can arrange for a good menu.

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Of course, you have to be particular about décor of the event; you need to arrange props and seating arrangements according to the type of the event.

These all things are considered while event planning and you have to be specific in these things when you plan any event because these all points create a difference between a common person and a professional event planner.

These Professional are not at all specific when it comes to event planning, event management or organizing; they are expert in both private and corporate events.

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