-Just some little insights about The Weekend’s Wedding Events across Southern Nigeria as observed by Quest Compass media.

Within and across our environment all around us, during weekends one or two wedding events take place. While some are been organized by people we know, others, we don’t know who they are.

The Wedding planners as well as the Celebrants go some extra miles to ensure that the events become memorable, hence, a lot  of cash goes down during the planning process in renting of Reception Venues, Music DJs, Caterers, Videographers, Photographers, Makeup Professionals, hiring the services of Fashion designers, Hairstylists, etc. without which, there wouldn’t have been a “Perfect Wedding Ceremony”.

In recent times, unlike the good old days when a couple could plan a classic wedding ceremony with as much as N400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand Naira), a lot of cash is budgeted to have a classic wedding ceremony.

This is not always the case, as most people have learned to cut their coat according to their sizes.

To other people, this amount could even be spent on just Reception venues.


However, in the modern era, planning a wedding is all about reflecting who your fiancé and you really are as a couple. You should also pay attention to providing a good time for guests and meeting the needs of a large diverse group. This is because you only get one special day in your whole life to tell all your friends and family who you really are and what interests you want to define you.

The food also should project your foodie preferences: a cake made out of cheese says you are full of whimsy, while a special cocktail in your honor says you prefer restaurants with a mixologist. If the dessert matches the colors of your wedding, everyone will acknowledge your great eye for design. And if your cake tastes so good, the guests know that even after the honeymoon, you will continue to spend your Sundays at your cute little undiscovered neighborhood eatery on your picture-perfect weekend strolls.

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In our last edition of the post Published on April 29th about The Weekend’s Wedding Events across Delta State”, we featured some of the Wedding events that had people talking (of course people will always talk… lol) across some social media platforms in Delta, Bayelsa, and Edo State.

On today’s series, we will also look at The Weekend’s wedding Events across Southern Nigeria (I mean from 23rd till 25th in the month of May 2019). The Wedding events we will feature are the ones held in places like Rivers, Delta and some states across Nigeria.

You just might see some wedding events you were guest at, so you might even have a better knowledge about the Love stories behind the couples, Kindly use the Comment Box below to uncover some of the Love stories you Know “Let’s do some Aproko… Lol”

Portharcourt Weddings

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Owerri Weddings

Video Documentary Credit: @cyrilekiyefilms


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Delta Weddings

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