It is difficult to compare the rewards one can gain from studying abroad with anything else. The experience can change your perspective from being local to global and your attitudes to international. Not only that but you will likely gain memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

Interestingly though, one of the biggest barriers causing students to decide not to study abroad, is that they believe it would be too expensive and or too difficult to Get Study Visa From Nigeria. The overseas students who do decide to study abroad and utilize the services of an education agent are often very surprised at how easy it was to organize, and also at how affordable it can be.

The following information is useful and will likely provide some good tips and advice for prospective Nigerian students looking to study abroad. Although the following information can be useful, it is recommended that students see qualified education agents to ensure they receive up-to-date and current study abroad advice tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.


There are many reasons people choose to study abroad:


Study coupled with work experience can be an ideal way to gain some real-world experience. Many students are surprised to find out that in many countries such as Ukraine, they are free to work and gain an income while studying. When this is factored into the cost of studying abroad it can significantly reduce the expense so, studying and working overseas can be very affordable.


International experience is much sort after by many employers as a critical asset for prospective employees. Studying abroad shows that you are resourceful, adventurous, internationally minded, and diverse.

In addition, in many European Countries, it is extremely competitive and expensive to gain selection to a highly respected university. By not gaining selection to a top university you may be limiting your career potential unnecessarily. Studying abroad is another option however which will allow you to study overseas in a country such as Ukraine and gain International skills and once completed will see you just as attractive or more so to potential employers not only in Nigeria but around the world.

  • Experience of a lifetime – In a couple of years you may forget a lot of what you have studied in Secondary School and university but if you study abroad you will never forget the friends you made or the incredible experiences you shared.


Once you have made the decision to study abroad you may then want to find an education agent to guide you through the process. But what should you look for in finding the right education agent for you? There are many education agents and this task is not as easy as it sounds, but if you follow the tips below you will be on the right track to finding an agent for you:

1. Prospective international students should look for education agents which have registered business’ and offices in both their home country and the destination country.

In the example used above this would require the agent to have a fixed business address and offices in both Nigeria and Ukraine. By ensuring your education agent has an office in your home country it will be far easier, and probably quicker, to organize the necessary paperwork before you are able to study, including visas and school enrolment.

In addition, by checking your education agent has an office in the country you intend to study, you can be assured that when you require support or assistance, with such things as visa renewal, you will be able to access this a lot more easily.

More education agents should provide such support services free of charge if you have enrolled with them prior to coming to Ukraine. It is important to check this however or you may be charged for basic support requirements, such as writing to your school or government departments in relation to visa issues.

  1. When looking for a good education agent (William Wilberforce Educational Services) students should also ensure that the agent they select provides accurate advice regarding educational institutions and does not simply refer you to schools or universities which they receive the largest commission from.

For example, some agents have been known to push their students to a small number of schools so as they can receive a larger commission from the schools in question.

The education agent you select should work with you to discuss your own personal interests and circumstances and from this develop a tailored and individualized study plan for you. For the majority of people, this should mean the agent is able to give you a number of alternative study options for you to choose from, rather than just one or two.

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