“We met at the Lab where Steven works as a Lab Scientist, He asked for My Number and I gave it to Him, The Rest is History! She Laughed… “But that’s not all, read the rest love story as revealed by Precious”.

Could the Love story between Precious and Steven be interpreted as love at first sight?

Well, my answers would be either a “Yes or No”. First, there was the Part where the Bride to be “Precious” Walked into a Lab where Steven works and there was a lot going through in the Mind of Steven… Lol! Secondly, there was an exchange of Mobile Number; more like a Transaction.

Anyways, Let us see what her Response was. Quest Compass had a little chat with the Bride to be “Precious”.

“First we started as Friends, I intended to keep it on a Friend Level, but the Friendship grew Stronger and later graduated to Intimacy”. She further explained about the fact that so many

“bad belle”

people Tried as much as possible to separate them with so many lies, gossips, as well as Evil Advises.

Just like every other relationship that isn’t a bed of roses, the Relationship between Steven and Precious witnessed lots of challenges, but it wasn’t the type that could scatter the relationship as they reconciled and they discovered their Strengths and weakness.  This revelation led to a more Stronger Union.

Photo Credit: Vincent Joseph Photography.
Couple: Steven And Precious. Quest Compass Blog

Steven Has been Very Supportive, He’s been Caring, Loving and not a day goes by without Him giving me one or two advice,” She said…

Just like what is advised by wise people, I think this relationship should be a model for young people to follow. What do I mean by that? You would ask. Precious also confirmed that Steven took her as a Sister before a Lover.

In her Final words, she said: “any time I look at Him I Know that my forever is secured”.

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