-Endless Queue: Bank Customer In Agbor Narrates His Encounter-

At the early hours of Wednesday 24TH of June 2019, Quest Compass Blog received a message from an unsatisfied bank customer who wanted to share his encounter from one of the commercial banks in Agbor he had visited.

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I thought about rushing to the bank to do one or two transactions before I go elsewhere but what I met inside the banking Hall changed my schedule for the day.

I felt some pain on my legs as if I trekked in the Sahara desert on my way to Libya, I looked over to see if I could rest my body on a chair, there was none around. While still standing there, I felt my body shaking as a result of the Endless Queue I had been on for close to 2 hours waiting to collect my own money.

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I could hear other bank customers express their anger, the banking hall almost turned to semi-garage (filled with murmuring). I didn’t want to utter any word; I was just waiting for the right time. There wouldn’t have been an Endless Queue if there were more cashiers at the Counter attending to customers

“He Said”.

Have you Encountered similar challenges before? share your experience below on the comment section.

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