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-Earn A Living Outside Government Paid Job-

So many of us who have been through the four walls of the university or who are still undergoing undergraduate studies wonder whether it’s ever possible to be gainfully employed outside the corporate environment. This comes from the fact that our minds have been so filled with knowledge about corporate life (having a 9-5 job waiting for us when we finally get out of School). This has led us to be over-dependent on the government to provide employment opportunities for us when we graduate from higher institutions.

Well, over the years, the government has put certain policies in place to encourage young graduates to think along the path of becoming entrepreneurs if they want to have a secured future. Lots of persons still don’t have a clear understanding of What It Takes To Earn A Living Outside Government Paid Job.

Have you had the thought of being an entrepreneur? Here are some reasons WHY you must become an entrepreneur and own a business. Mind you, no one is too young to be an entrepreneur. There are many reasons to be an entrepreneur, but I will give you 2 reasons here then you’ll get the others in the book I will reveal to you.

  1. Value Creation and Problem Solving: there are lots of persons out there looking for solutions to certain problems. If you are capable of providing answers to those problems, why not create something that does it? If your ideas and innovations can help others solve problems, start something… create something unique and value-driven.
  2. Get Recognized: Success attracts people. Owning your own business, having measurable finances gives you an opportunity to communicate with the elites. You get the chance to meet successful people and gain some recognition.

While at first glance the book may not sound like a “feel good” book that gets you fired up to go start a business, it is filled with great information and very educating. It will get you thinking. You will learn some things that will help you to be smart about deciding which business to start, and how to get it off the ground so that you have the best possible chance for success. Give yourself the shot at success by reading this book. (It Is Recommended For All Students Who Desire To Make A Profiting Career In Nigeria)


See the chapters in the book you wouldn’t want to miss reading:

  • Entrepreneurship Education: Meaning and Issues.
  • Skills Development in Nigeria: The Key to earning a Living outside government Paid Job.
  • Deciding on Profitable Venture in Nigeria.
  • Methods of Funding a Profitable Venture in Nigeria.
  • Career Prospects in Nigeria: The place of a Social Scientist.
  • Building and Surviving In Leadership Careers in Nigeria in the Face of Massive Unemployment as a Social Scientist.
  • Social Sciences and Leadership in Public Office: The Role of Leadership in the Society.
  • Politics, Good Governance, and Community Development: Involving the Youths Productively.



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