-CGMI MEGACON 2019 Highlights as Observed by Quest Compass

The month of August in the Calendar of the Church of God Mission International is truly a very unique month. Well, this has been the trend since the establishment of the Church. It’s not a coincidence that you are reading this post at this time of the year. However, this post is coming right from the gospel event being organized by the Church.

When you think about Church of God mission Convention, The CGMIMEGACON is truly a new event in the Calendar of the Church which started in the same month of August in the Year 2017. For the purpose of the CGMI MEGACON 2019, in a subsequent post, Quest Compass will highlight some of the Activities in the CGMI MEGACON 2019.

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Of course, just like every other camp meetings, the CGMI MEGACON 2019 is not different in any way. It began with the Arrival of Campers who includes invited guests and members. Below are some pictures of the Campers arriving at the Campground for the CGMIMEGACON2019.

CGMIMEGACON2019 ACCOMMODATION                                               

It has always been the trend in Church Of God Mission for accommodation facilities to be provided for campers in camp meetings such as the CGMI MEGACON 2019. For this year’s edition, the accommodation has greatly improved. There has been rapid construction of facilities which were not all available during the last Event of CGMI MEGACON 2019.

Tents were also set up to accommodate some campers. Although, some complaints have been going on about the state of the Tent where Teenage males are Camping.

From my experience as a Health, Safety and Environment Officer, the Health of Teenage Male ought to have been taken into consideration before they are allowed to camp there. We hope it doesn’t get worse when there’s a heavy downpour.

Although the CGMI MEGACON 2019 just began, so we’ll get to see more from the Mega gospel Event.

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