-The Day 1 Experience of CGMI MEGACON 2019

Hello people, just as the CGMI MEGACON 2019 continues, I know that some of you who didn’t attend the event would really be waiting to see what the daily activities look like.

Well, it has really not been a dull moment here. Just while the whole people I came with for the CGMI MEGACON 2019 were glued to their bed, I just got up from where I was sleeping in the Old BIU Complex about 3:00 am simply because I felt the need to reveal how The Day 1 Experience of CGMI MEGACON 2019 looked like in pictures to you all “People who are not in Attendance”.

Well, my eyes are still heavy but I’ll try as much as possible to feed your with the Day 1 Experience of CGMI MEGACON 2019 because I’ve got access to free WiFi “lol”.

In the last post, I published just before I took a short rest at about 12 am, I highlighted some events I experienced when I first arrived at Balm of Gilead City such as the Arrival of Delegates, etc. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR LAST POST. For this post, I’ll show you the events that all made The Day 1 Experience of CGMI MEGACON 2019 colorful.

Ensure that you read the footnotes on the Pictures because that’s how I will make you have a firsthand experience of the Events that made The Day 1 Experience of CGMI MEGACON 2019 memorable; as observed by me.

Anyways, don’t regret not coming yet because it will seem as if you were here, you will even feel the sound of praises that came out from the mouth of the anointed choristers as they ministered in your heart.

Well, what else am I forgetting! Okay… you will see some colorful display of fashion conveyed through costumes revealing the rich culture of the tribes that made up this great nation.