-Suya Night of Youths in Cgmi Megacon 2019

No one would have thought that this was going to happen in a community of people whose bones carry fire even in the midst of Protocol personnel who were fully on ground. Although, they were charged with the responsibilities of ensuring that things don’t get out of hand in situations like this. The Suya Night of Youths in Cgmi Megacon 2019 is one which will not be forgotten easily by the participants.

Even as a blogger and also a participant of the Great Gospel event, I saw a great need to share my experience with you in the course of the Suya Night that took place at the Benson Idahosa University (BIU)  where the Youths had a memorable burn fire Night.

Well, it didn’t just started with burn fire although it was Tagged Suya Night, one would have expected to see more of Suya Stands all over the place, or perhaps the kind of sweet aroma that we perceive from the skilled “Mallam” down the street while walking along the road, but at about 8:30 pm on Friday, the Hall was packed full with Youths who had all come to Experience the Suya Night. Although I didn’t come in early enough I met some artistic display of talented Youths who danced like they were being controlled with a remote.

Followed by this display of Talent were some Ministers of the Gospel of Christ who ministered in Songs. The atmosphere in the hall was all becoming charged with the worship going on, in a moment I thought in my heart whether we were cajoled.

With lots of side murmuring in the area I sat in the auditorium, I heard many people shouting

“where is the Suya”.

The Pictures below will explain a lot better about the Suya Night organized by the Youth of CGMi in the Megacon 2019: