People usually go online because they need something – whether that something is a product, service, source of information, or entertaining distraction. As globalization continues and consumer choices keep increasing, it’s very easy for visitors to get overwhelmed with all of the options available.

Studies have shown that the average person has an 8-second attention span nowadays. That’s why it is becoming more and more important for businesses to have customized solutions to capture and engage consumers quickly, especially when it comes to the online world.

Attracting more visitors to your business requires you to customize your offers in order to meet the unique needs of your target audience and that’s exactly where a landing page comes in. Displaying a unified message, a landing page is one simple page with one purpose and one call to action.

Landing pages are especially effective and arguably irreplaceable when it comes to particular uses, such as:

  • highlighting special offers like price reductions;
  • promoting last calls for orders on specific offers;

What’s in landing pages that convert?

Effective landing pages are void of all distractions and help visitors focus on the particular product or service being offered. Using both professional and personal touches, this single page can convey all of the information about a product or service that the potential customer needs to make their choice.

High-converting landing pages optimize your message because they make you come up with a short, to-the-point summary that highlights the most important aspects of your product or service.

Most landing pages are made up of the following components:

  • captivating headlines;
  • visual aids such as relevant images and/or videos;
  • clear descriptions of the unique value of a product or service;
  • trust indicators like statistics, customer testimonials, client logos, etc.;
  • and a specific call to action.

When creating landing pages, it’s important to analyze where your business gets most of its conversions from (desktop or mobile?) and then building your campaign accordingly to target particular segments of pages visitors.

A domain name is another thing to consider when creating a landing page.  Quest Compass got you covered here, your landing page will be hosted on our platform. So you won’t bother about spending much on securing a domain name. It will best describe what your brand is about to attract potential customers.

We will help you promote your landing pages through both paid and unpaid channels such as Google AdWords, social media ads, mailing lists, guest blogging opportunities, and other available options.

Allow Quest Compass Create Your business landing page today!

A converting landing page is an online tool that can be extremely beneficial to your business by increasing the number of potential customers. Landing pages focus on targeted audiences and provide visitors with easy, direct access to a product or service they’re interested in.

Quest Compass will customize your business page in a way that it will keep visitors engaged with the offer, encouraging them to perform the desired action and boosting sales.

Research has shown that businesses that make use of landing pages generate ten times more customers than those who don’t. If you’re not using landing pages to promote your product or service, you could be missing out on a great marketing opportunity!

Wondering how to start using landing pages for your business?

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