Have you been thinking about Visiting The City of Owerri anytime soon? Well, I know you might have heard about the fact that the City of Owerri is filled with lots of fun places to hangout.  Anyways, they are not mere speculations. The City of Owerri is not where you won’t find classic and exotic locations to cool off after a long day at work.

Exotic locations people can cool off after a Long busy Day… Well, I don’t know if there are places like this in The City of Owerri. if there’s a place like this, I wouldn’t mind paying a Visit… LOL …Photo Source: Pixabay

Although I had visited the City on a few occasions, all the time I have been here, I haven’t written about my experiences the way I am writing now.

The City of Owerri still looks the same way it was the last time I came Visiting with little changes although they are negative but for the purpose of this post, which is strictly on the experience I had visiting Kilimanjaro located at Orlu road in Owerri, I won’t talk about the current state of once beautiful City.

Commercial activities within the City are still the same, especially around busy commercial areas. I also looked closely to see if there are Digital Marketing Agencies around the City since there are a lot of businesses around, all I could see was Signboards here and there all competing for Visibility.

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The City of Owerri: Kilimanjaro Experience                               

The First time I heard the word “Kilimanjaro” I fell in love with it because I didn’t have the opportunity to visit Mount Kilimanjaro during my Undergraduate years at Delta State University while I was studying Geography. LOL.

So while I was getting prepared to come visiting The City of Owerri, I got to know that there’s a new Fast Food called Kilimanjaro. Because of this, the desire to come see for myself what it looks like filled my heart.

I eventually paid my first visit to the branch of Kilimanjaro located along Orlu Road close to Market Square. Until when I put up this post, the experience hasn’t gone off my mind. I think going back there when next I visit Owerri will be something I’ll look forward to because of it’s Serenity.

Before I made my order, I first observed the facial expressions of the Staff, behold, the warm smile in the face of “the Light Skinned Lady” serving the food gave me the confidence that I just entered a place where I’ll eat with Joy.  This gave me the first impression of Kilimanjaro in The City of Owerri.

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