Ever wondered why the less than 3 months old Facebook group (Table Shakers Association) is gaining popularity among the youths in Nigeria?

Well, this is not merely speculation. As we all know, Nigerian Youths are addicted to Social media hence you’ll find a single individual in more than 2 social media Platforms.

It will interest You to know that Celebrities Around Nigeria belongs to One or more Facebook group.

Table shakers Association, a Facebook group heavily populated by Youths Between the Ages of 21 to 35 within Nigeria and beyond is not left out as there are a handful of known Comedians and artists who are blazing the trail in the Entertainment Industry both Locally and Internationally.

It is important to know that most of the topics discussed in Popular Facebook groups heavily populated by youths such as Table Shakers Association, Rant Hq and a host of others you know are informative, educative, entertaining and sometimes vulgar.

To some of the Popular Celebrities like Stand Up comedians and Solo Artists in the Table Shakers Association Facebook group, groups on these social platforms are a way they connect with their Fans.

Click this blue Link to Join the Table Shakers Association Facebook groups let us see for ourselves the Celebrities we’ve long been wanting to connect with personally.