-Panic in Agbor as Patient Tests Positive to the Corona Virus

At the early hours of today, information got to Quest Compass Blog from a credible source confirming the rumor that has been on the air for some time about an unknown Patient that was admitted at one of the Government Hospitals in Agbor, Delta State.

According to the source, the Patient on getting to the hospital about 4 days ago was attended to by the medical team on ground and was Treated for Malaria. Unknown to the medical personnel, the Patient who had symptoms of Malaria was facing a more deadly health challenge.

This was confirmed when the result of the Test on COVID-19 that had earlier been conducted came back positive.

According to the source,  the patient was attended to at the Male Ward and must have had contacts with Patients and their Relatives and staff at the accident and emergency unit from where he was admitted to the ward.

The Real Panic In Agbor

In Agbor as well as other places, people have become less careful about the Precautionary measures put in place since the Relaxation of the Lockdown Order.


Are There no Measures put in place by the Management of the Hospital for Early Detection?

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  1. Absolutely true, for those who think the news is fabricated, you’d better think twice. The patient is at the isolation center in Gen Hospital Agbor, at the isolation center. Medical personnel and others who came in contact with the patient are currently on self-isolation. Our prayers are with them. Stay safe!

  2. It is important to note that Agbor does not have a laboratory to test for the corona virus. Therefore, it would rely on taking the sample miles away for testing and the result takes some time to come out. This will account for some delays in undergoing specific management at that point.
    Testing for COVID-19 is not like testing for malaria parasites.
    Comorbid conditions also account for an increase in mortality in such coronavirus patients. However, the level of immunity of such a patient is of great essence. No drug has been approved for its treatment but certain drugs have been recommended for trials.
    Anyone who indulges in taking medicines not prescribed by a doctor would find themselves to blame.


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